My Story


Hello God, Goddess, Higher Power, Great Mystery…..

So, how do I talk about where I’ve been? Do I mention all the times I hid in the closet or felt helpless?

Maybe when knife-pain kept me doubled over at home. Helpless to defend myself. Sprinting to the bathroom when I was stressed. So exhausting.

What about the women I coach, passionately breaking the bonds of old, sticky trauma.

The subtle, unconscious feelings that women get trapped in. Like flies in a web. The hate and hurt. Until you get sick.

Today, strong, smart women have more money and are taking bigger risks to stop the family violence. They’re tired of getting sick. We need more self-actualized women.

Maybe you feel that way too…

So my background. What was I up to? I did theater. Music. I have a vocal music minor. When the time is right, I’ll write more music.

I was obsessed with being a kindergarten teacher for 20 years then promptly left the school system when I realized how bad it was.

A few exotic adventures and mysterious plot twists, now I coach women full-time. I don’t have my own kids but I do have a husband I’ve been with for 30+ years. A saint.

My family healed from toxic people and old trauma, like a lot of families, maybe yours. It was messy but worth it. Now we see each other for breakfast every Sunday.

rita famiy
I am deeply spiritual after digging through my Irish Catholic roots. I’m lucky my family has shifted away from that…

I love school and have advanced degrees in healing women and children after they’ve been hurt. So does my sister, oddly enough. Maybe you need a little of that too.

20 years ago, I started my small mind/body practice in-between Chicago and Milwaukee that uses Acupressure, Shamanism, Energy Work and Sound Healing to reverse women’s old, stuck trauma.

After going high tech, I still have a private studio today… I’m willing to pay plenty for my own, magnificent space even when times were lean.

I have a little misogynist conspiracy theory in me, but what woman doesn’t. We’ve been brutalized for dozens of generations into today.

And now, I give women the courage and strength to take care of their family and lead the world out of darkness, into a better future. One woman at a time.

So there you have it. God told me what to say. Perfect.