What is a Trusted Relationship Advisor and Creativity Coach

In a nutshell, in 7 weeks, I help you co-parent with a Narcissist, turn into a red hot lover, stop working for a bully and finish your next passion project.

For 7 weeks, we check every 2-3 days to keep you focused. We also text and email in between so you have someone to talk to if you feel stressed out in the middle of this big transformation process.

After about a month, you stay relaxed when you used to get mad. You stand up when you used to stay quiet. And you take better care of yourself.

You even get so strong and so courageous that you can stop a fight before it happens.

In 7 weeks, you know who you want to be, where you’re going and have a positive mindset which reverses wrinkles and gives you more energy.

You get what you want without losing your dignity or sacrificing your values.

After 7 weeks, you’ve got this. Whatever THIS is.

You feel hopeful. And you’d have a right to be. You’ve cracked the code to how you really work.

How do I personally define coaching with me?

I’m an easy going healer who’s seen it all. If you need to fix something important, like you want to get divorced or your child got molested, I teach you how to use the mind/body to wean off the painkillers or anti-anxiety meds and get reconnected to Spirit.

I’m your friend next door who loves her life and wants you to love your life too.

I work especially well with ADD/ADHD. If you or your kid is a creative genius who needs more focus, I’ll teach you how to harness your creative genius and get your projects done. You’ll finally have control over what you think and how you feel, all the time.

Because the same mind/body tools and mindsets you use to let go of the past are the same ones you use to be successful for the rest of your life.

In 7 weeks you go through a step by step process that re-programs your negative triggers around love, money and sex and teaches you how to be good to yourself and so you stop procrastinating and have emotionally satisfying relationships, a healthy family and more money.

What are the benefits of coaching with me?

The benefits are a whole body makeover where you install the mind/body habits that hack into your nervous system and turn you into a happier, healthier and more creative version of yourself that doesn’t take %$@% from anybody and asks for help because she knows her own mind. 

How is coaching with me different from other types of coaching, counseling or therapy?

Typically, counseling and psychotherapy talk to you about your problems. You may be diagnosed and it can feel like you’re messed up or you wouldn’t need therapy. There’s an authority and then there’s you. It usually lasts a few years.

Life Coaching, energy healing and hands on healing hold sacred space for you to sort out your thoughts and take action. When you need some clarity around a problem, life coaching helps you find solutions. Life Coaching focuses on the process more than the problem. A package usually goes from 3 months, to 12 months to several years.

Coaching with me is a personally transformational process of hacking into your nervous system and using the power of the subconscious to have healthier relationships, a happier family and more money. Your body usually heals itself too. Together, we take all the best pieces from therapy, coaching and healing and put it into a fun 7 week 1:1 coaching program.

What can I expect when coaching with you?

You can expect to enjoy yourself, have more clarity and feel healthier immediately and for the rest of your life.

How do coaching sessions work?

For most coaching sessions, we meet every 2-3 days for a coaching call. We check in, find out where you’re stuck, problem-solve our way through it and decide what you want to do next. The calls are 30-60 minutes on average.

In between calls, you email me what you’re working on and get extra help.

Step by step, every week, you will feel calmer, have more control over your emotions and physically feel better. If you don’t, tell me, and you’ll get a 100% refund.

Your friends and family will notice it too.

If you live near Chicago north to Southern Wisconsin, you can choose to get coaching and bodywork for 7 weeks. Focused body/energy work takes coaching to the next level of success. Your body gets even more relaxed and intuitive when we spend time in person.

So… coaching with Rita… Does it sound like a place you want to be? Then let’s talk. Click here  to set up a time to get together on zoom and with the help of an expert relationship and creativity coach, figure out if coaching is right for you.