Grow Your Relationships, Family and Money


If you want your relationships, your family and your money to grow, you need to feed them the right foods at the right time.

For example, to feed your family, you need to know when to take the salmon out of the refrigerator. Do you make mushrooms or asparagus. Baked potato or fries. When should you turn on the oven and what time they get home.

To feed your relationships, you feed them your attention; you hear what someone is whispering under their breath, you know who needs a day off and your ears perk up when it’s suspiciously quiet in the other room.

Same with feeding your retirement money. Feed more money in, every year, than you take out, and you can retire early and stop being a slave to your job. Money grows with care and feeding.

When you feed your relationships, family and money right, it means you know exactly what to do to help them grow. You’ve got a good “Inner Game”.

When you practice tuning into your family, your relationships and your money, your “Inner Game”, every day for a few weeks, it becomes a habit to feed your family, your relationships and your money the right nutrients at the right time so they grow. 

Your assets grow and you grow. Life gets easier.

Most women don’t understand their Inner Game. They start and stop writing music or writing a book. They get stuck watching podcasts of women entrepreneurs. All because they aren’t taught to just get a coach.

For most men, getting a coach for something like barbecuing or fishing is normal. When you get a coach, it tells people, “My dreams matter”.

Imagine in just a few weeks, your boss could compliment you for a job well done, you stand up to a bully and you make time to go to the spa.

Or maybe you land a high paying client, walk in the woods every night and take back your “me time” from your kids and your ex.

You even see different views out your window and notice small details like what bird is flying by. Subtle, important tidbits you were too busy to see before.

And suddenly, you feel like you have a handle on your life again. You take more deep breaths and don’t get rattled when someone says something nasty.

You find your rhythm, you flow, relax and see the world with wiser eyes.

In 7 weeks, you have a roadmap, a new belief system, and a heart wisdom you couldn’t tap into before you started coaching.

So what happens in 7 weeks if you don’t get help for your Inner Game? Nothing. You will still be taking online classes and workshops, reading self-help books, watching YouTube videos and making spreadsheets planning your business.

Or, maybe you’re still emotionally hijacked by narcissists… constant fighting… dating the wrong guys… feeling like a piggy bank… going “no contact” with your mom…. nasty texts… lies… bullying… manipulation…

In less than 7 weeks, you could be getting along with your mom, shutting down a fight with your ex, starting a new job or working on a Master’s Degree.

Or like me, just take more vacations.

It’s called Future Visioning and it pulls you out of your rut and back into the relaxed and happy life you deserve.

Step by step, you take better care of yourself and stop letting selfish people take advantage of you.

You stay smart when someone wants to fight, and you come up with creative solutions you hadn’t thought of before.

For 7 weeks, we check in every 2-3 days to talk about what you’re wrestling with and to build the skills and confidence you need to walk away from your past..

If you want to clean up your Inner Game and fix all your romance, family and money issues while you’re at it, schedule a free 30 minute zoom call and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

It’s never too late to land a new job, serve the divorce papers, go to Istanbul, re-kindle your marriage, co-parent w/o drama, find your soulmate, or stop fighting with your ex. And it’s easier than you think.

In 7 weeks you’ll feel like you have control over your life because you’ve mastered your Inner Game and are feeding your relationships, family and money everything they need to grow. 

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Relationship Advisor and Creativity Coach

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Heartfelt gratitude for you creating a space where clarity, guidance is offered to many… your posts are daily nurturing vitamins and tools in my toolbox of how to be grounded and be able to respond and not to react to life situations….and exciting part is that I feel it in my heart that I am on my life journey in a space of getting to know myself for the first time and learning to be available to myself…gently, kindly, patiently nurturing way being present with myself.
Thank you Rita, you are making difference in lives of many.

/ Bibiana

Learning about this was amazing. I couldn’t put it into words to even try to explain what was going on. I didn’t know myself. I was at a loss. It feels amazing to get some knowledge. I had lost hope and was expecting to live my life out until my demise. I had become so distraught I told my daughter I couldn’t take any more.
She told me I needed to redo my living room and move in there to have my own space. My husband dominated the tv in the family room. I physically was not able to make the move myself. She came and painted and redid my living room. I got all new furniture, curtains and carpet and my very own tv. I think I can make it now
P.S. I payed for it all my self lol.

/ Marjorie

Thank you everyone for an outstanding group last night.
Rita, you don’t know this, but I actually have terrible fear of speaking in groups online or conference calls and the like. Calling on me to speak was actually the best thing you could have done. I found that being put “on the spot” actually didn’t kill me. Lol! I started to get comfortable with it by the end of the call, and I actually could have talked more, but I wanted to give the others a chance to speak. Thank you again. God bless you.

/ Catherine

Thank you! I really do feel a deeper understanding. Between you and Eckhart Tolle’s explanation of the “pain body ” the information and understanding is so powerful…life changing! Thank you and Thank you for noticing my path. <3 wow!
/ Chanel